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Hey, my name is Troy and I was referred here by a guy named Steve. Sent him an email asking some general bladesmith questions because I found his website and was very impressed with the quality of work he has done.

I live in the Phoenix east valley right now. As of right now, I am solely interested in knifemaking. First knife was finished today, stock removal method (waiting on my anvil) and I was very impressed. Took a lot of advice off the forum, finally registered today to be one of those "here's my first knife" guys.

Got a brakedrum forge in my backyard. My motivation to begin this craft was to be more self reliant, would be a nice skill to have if the SHTF.

Thing that made my blacksmithing hobbe easier was that I got a cordless drill today, other than that NO power tools, borrowed my neighbors to drill holes in the handle before I hardened the blade of my first knife.

Thing I want to learn most is how to make damascus knives, seen some crazy patterns, have no idea where to start.

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I'd say that you're starting exactly where you should: by learning to make simple monosteel blades. Once you have an anvil, start learning to forge monosteel blades, and to make simple forge welds. Then maybe try a little san mai. In the meantime, you can be reading up on pattern welding.

Welcome to IFI!

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I'd say by starting to learn grinding and knife design. I've know a couple of folks whose pattern welding skills are GREAT but their product is totally wasted by their lack of knifemaking skills.

Next learn to forge: hammer control, temperature control for various alloys, etc.

Then hook up with someone who can coach you through your first billet or two---it's a heck of a lot easier to learn in person than by net or book!

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Hey Troy...I'm new as well. I'm in Eastern Canada. I have built a couple forges and weld in my gas forge. I have made some patterned steel that has turned out awesome. Also have to admit my many failures first. My biggest mistake was not being patient and hitting too hard. I have made a couple sweet knives from 01 tool steel and 15N20. The contrast is beautiful. I bought the 15N20 from Ray Kirk at Ray Kirk Knives. He was also quite helpful. Cheers and good luck on your first welds!

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