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W2 Tanto Progress Pics

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Description: Tanto in W2

Steel: W2 Tool Steel
Thickness: .312 at Machi .205 at Yokote
Blade: 11.25" Nagasa (trying for Choji Hamon)
Here are some Progress pictures of a Tanto that I am working on currently.
This is my first piece out of W2 (from Don Hanson) and I am very excited about working with this steel

1879d1173116141t-w2-tanto-progress-pics-photo 1
Shown here is the original stock size, next to the broken down bar stock. I flattened it with a 12 Lb sledge with my brother holding the steel, took about two hours to get it down to 3/8" x 1 1/4". As you can see the original stock is 11" long, and the bar is 19" long, so flattening got my an extra 8 inches. Suprisingly the process of breaking down into bar stock was much easier than expected.

1880d1173116159t-w2-tanto-progress-pics-photo 2
Sunobe (rough shape) formed. at this point I will cut it off of the bar and form the Nakago

1883d1173116255t-w2-tanto-progress-pics-photo 3
Finished forging, did about 5 minutes drawfiling to check all the faces and shapes. I decided to move the machi up from what you see here. I originally had a 10 3/8" Nagasa but decided that the 9 7/8" balanced better with my intentions.

1884d1173116269t-w2-tanto-progress-pics-photo 4
Profile view showing the pretty much finished shape (all drawfiles and hand sanding, feel the burn baby)





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Very nice work. You are doing some great hand work. I can understand the hand filing and long hammering precoess. Personally the more "hand" work I put into something, I do soapstone and wood carving as well - that's what keeps me busy during the winter, the more I have a connection to the finished piece.


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