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A interesting word I randomly found online:

Top 10 Words with Bizarre Meanings

#3: Axinomancy


divination by means of the movements of an ax placed on a post
About the Word:

An ancient means of determining guilt, axinomancy involved balancing an ax on a post, and reading a list of names aloud. If the ax moved at a particular name, that person was deemed guilty.
In another (equally strange) version, a marble was placed on a red–hot ax; the motion of the marble signaled guilt.

and now I wonder about what kind of axe would be best for the task. I haven't known to many that could balance a marble on them.

Original Source:

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I wonder how you get the list of names. Is it like a police lineup, where all but the suspects is a known not guilty? And the test just confirms the suspiction? Or do you have a problem, make a list of everybody even remotely associated and let the axe fall where it may?

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