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Blacksmith Wanted for demo, NSW, Australia in May and June

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Two years ago (2010) one of the local tourist attractions in Wollongong "Australian Motorlife Museum" had a fair, titled "Days of yesteryear" one of the draw cards in the flyer going around was a demo by a blacksmith. I was roped into working that day and missed out. I did ring after the event and ask the lady who answered if it would be on the following year, as I am keen on blacksmithing and wished I could have seen it. Her reply was that the blacksmith didn't show. She took my name and phone number and said she would contact me for 2011 to do the demo if I was up for it.

Alas the last year has been a sharp learning curve in a new position at work and little time for other interests. The fair for 2011 was also a no show and no phone call.

I did however at the beginning of this year receive a phone call from the museum. They have two planned events and hoped I would be able to demo. I know I am not ready for this but told her I knew some folk that may be up for the challenge.

So all you gents in Oz who want to show your talents, and have an excuse to see a few IFI members before Moonys. The dates are the 20th of May and the Sunday of the long weekend in June. The museum will feed you (the smith doing the demo, not the IFI members that come to see) and cover expenses (Not sure what this entails).

Contact is Wendy on (02) 4228 7048, Australian Motorlife Museum, Wollongong area, NSW.

Oh and blacksmiths that like two things, making skillets, and filling them with Goooooooooooooooolldd! need not apply.

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