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Blower motor died...

Dave Huntress

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I have not but thanks for the link. I need to buy a backup motor.. altho I did learn something about my blower motor. I tore it all down hoping maybe it was a loose connection. Well when I pulled the motor out and took the cover off I found out that it has adjustable brushes... wow! what a bonus... seems as they just sort of wore down some and all I had to do was loosen two screws and rotate the brushes block until they touched the windings and I had power again... those guys were thinking back then... so right now I'm out of the woods but I'm gonna get m e a back up because I was really discouraged when that happened...

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Most universal motors---they type you can use a simple rheostat for speed control on---have replaceable brushes and they should be checked on a semi regular basis---more often if they were worn when first inspected less often if they were good.

If you can't find an exact match as a replacement you can often buy an oversize one and file/sand it to the correct size---messy but not hard.
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