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forging a shovel head

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yesteryearforge: yeah those are nice but are of little help to people that done have the tools to make and the tools to use such a jig. I believe that is the point of this video.

Trip: experiment! :D

LarryH: EXCELLENT! I have a swage block with a shovel form, but I like the idea of forging it using the anvil. (Well I actually like the ring method better.) Thanks so much for taking the time and the energy to produce this video. I think an important part of being a good blacksmith is being aware of the MANY forging surfaces on the anvil. It's not just a face, a step, and a horn. Your video shows how to be mobile around the anvil to get to and use the various forging surfaces available on the anvil. I think it will help everyone who watches it with an open mind, understand a little more and become a little more efficient in everyday work. I'll definately be trying your methods out!
Thanks again!

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TRIP: I think it was 4" x 6 1/2

Dave: thanks, I worked for years without anvil tools except a cut off hardy, I was forced to learn my "way around an anvil"
you can even use the hardy hole in lieu of the ring ( well , my hardy hole is 1 1/4 )

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Hi Larry H, great to see the video and much prefer the forged look to a stamped out version. My gas forge is too small to fit a shovel blank in but I heated mine up in a friends wood feed ceramic forge outside, pulled it out and hammered it around a log lying nearby. It was then curled up enough to fit through my small forge opening and texture it on the anvil and then use the last heat to open the shovel to the appropriate size. I was very pleased with the result. Thanks for sharing your ideas too !

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