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Grape Vine Texturing

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By,hand I would cut grooves in a hammer with a say 1/8'' cutoff wheel about 1/8'' apart on a diagonal axis so you weren't either 90* to the piece or paralell to it and round the sharp edges left by the cuts........Hith PH dies or spring dies you can either use a grinder or a hack to cut grooves....welding beads in in paralell lines works too but not as well.

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Most of my sculptures have round stock that I give a sinued look to by first hammer texturing the HR round stock then twisting it . I sometimes reverse the twist to add interest . You will be surprised at the effect. You can play around with the texture until you find the effect that suits your needs . Most of the time I just use my forging hammer but you could use a narrow peen to give the texture more of a lineal effect. Mcbruces special hammer sound like a good idea. Thanks MB I will try that one myself..

The key to twisting round stock is that you will need to fabricate a twist wrench from a pair of those round jawed locking pliers. The kind of jaw that is used for pipe. Weld a handle onto the jaw end oposite to the regular handle. The twist will be more easily controlled with a two handled twist wrench.

The locking pliers do not need to be vice grip brand (I hate ruing good tools). Just get a good sized locking plier, weld a handle on and twist away.

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I ended up using "Knots" method - hammer finishing the roundstock a bit to give it some linear edges and then twisted it both ways and in various tightness. It turned out well. I have added a picture. It doesn't really show the texturing well. The leaf didn;t turn out that well and it looks more like an oak than a grape leaf but.... It is my first attempt and the fundraising chairman loved it. Someone else did as well as it was stolen before the silent auction was over.



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