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best quality flap disk


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More expensive flap disks tend to last longer and cut faster than the cheap ones. I get Dewalt because of availability and how little I use them. I use cup wheels and cutoff wheels a lot more. I get Dewalt or Metabo for availability and quality.

For comparison: I found some HF cup wheels in my tool box. They are old but stored safely. I went through 3 of them on a project I was welding a few weeks ago, the disks wore to nothing very rapidly. I put on 1 Dewalt disk and and did probably 10x as much grinding as 3 cheap disks, and the disk is not used up! I think that the $3 Dewalt disk is better value than the $1 per import disks.


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I use the CGW brand which is a USA product and yield a pretty good cut life for the price. Well above the junk I once tried from Harbor Fright. Not above a Dewalt in my opinion but you did use the word "cheap" in the original post. Enco will run specials on these and a bulk buy of over 10 can get down to $3 per disk. Not a bad balance combining price and performance. Maybe this link will work. Good luck with your purchases. Spears.


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I can tell you what my customers prefer, the Weber Tiger Disk. They ask for them by name. Really, the ceramic abrasives are the best and the aluminum oxide are the cheapest. I haven't checked the online price, but the Airgas p/n 64000834 or 64000870 (with nut) are ok and cheaper than the tiger disk.

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