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I Forge Iron

hello from hot springs Ar


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Hello my name is Kyle. I set up a small forge at my house and started forging iron a couple weeks ago. I realy dont have a clue what im doing but im enjoying learning. I come from an custom Automotive fabrication and railroad back ground so im not completly ignorant when it come to metal working but this is my first atempt at forging. i have made a few spike knives but thats it so far. I dont have many tools for this stuff but im making do so far I do have a good anvil and a few hammers other than that im working with plyers and vise grips. i guess my Question is is there anyone close to here that would let me swing by and get some advice and point me in the direction of some good tongs and such.


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Hey Kyle, Down at Old Washington State Park they have some smithing classes. Check the calender of events to see when. I'm up in Conway, probably on the same side of the learning curve as you. There is an amazing amount of talented and giving people here. The search engine can become your new best friend. If you can think it, it probably has 30 post thread. Good luck! Steve

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Working with metal 35+ years ; Forging , 5 yrs . I would probably dedicate more time to forging if i didn't spend time Scouting. I've built a 2 burner gasser and a Forklift tine anvil. 50 Fredrick Crosses, a dozen spike knives, yard ornaments, and a short ton of scrap!
Like most people, I have more opinion than knowledge, more humor than the internet can convey! Forge On ,Steve

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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI!! even if I am just a tad late... I encourage you to get involved with a group nearest you. You may have to to some driving but the trip will pay off in what you learn and it really shortens the learning curve to have someone right there showing you and helping you as you go. It also gives you good habits that you don't have to unlearn later.
BTW, you can purchase tong on line and I like to use Blacksmith Depot www.blacksmithsdepot.com they have both the Off Center tongs and the
TomTong. I have several pair of each and love them.
PM sent to ya

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Welcome from Little Rock, AR.
The Blacksmiths of Arkansas have now created subgroups for central (Little Rock)and northeast Arkansas (Jonesboro).
The Central Ar group meets mostly in Little Rock and meets the third Saturday of the month. The group leader is Dale Custer and his email is dc6482@att.com.
The main group meets in north Arkansas (around Harrison normally, sometimes near Fayetteville) on the second Saturday of the month. The president is Ron Wells, rbwells@eritter.net

Hope to see you at a meeting soon!


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