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New Gas forge


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I've been getting on ok with my first real gas forge made using an old gas cylinder and 2-3 inches of ceramic blanket.

A couple of months back i started thinking about building a more adaptable and maintainable forge.

I asked questions on britishblade forum and took advice from some of the pros, eventually coming up with this design.

It is constructed out of 1" angle and 1.2mm sheet steel, the insulation is 2-3 layers of 1" ceramic fibre blanket with rigidiser applied.
It has a 18mm hard firebrick hearth which can be changed out if/when they break and the openings/total volume can be changed to various configurations using insulating firebricks, i have some 1" and some standard 3" sized ones.
It will have a second burner added, when i get round to it.

It should enable me to do short squat things and long thin things and even things that wouldn't fit inside a normal gas forge by opening up the two sides together.

Here are the build pics:








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