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Homemade anvil

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I would also recommend contacting your local water works. I work for Heflin Water works and we have a meter that attaches to the hydrant in case someone wants to fill up a pool or something. They would charge you for the water used, but it's an option.

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as already said it looks great!! only concern is the small foot print, as it looks top heavy to me....any way use extrime care while handeling/quenching.....steam is a very bad burn, good luck jimmy

I thought the same thing Jimmy. Hence the feet I welded on mine. :)
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I saw a video on youtube of someone that completely did a large anvil over. It was repaired, hard faced and ground down perfect.
He then built a metal frame device that attached to the hitch of the pickup truck. He also built a holder that allowed two people to lift the anvil, which was hanging upside down at that point.

Fast forward, the anvil was upside down in a quick brick built forge about 10 feet from the down ramp (dirt) to the lakes edge.
The anvil was heated to the proper temp and checked with a magnet and welding tempilstick for proper temperature. It was then picked up with a helper (anvil still upside down) and walked over to the holder on the back of the truck. The holder device allowed the anvil to just slightly hang above the ground several feet from the back of the truck.

Next, he backed up the truck and the smoking hot anvil went into the water still supported by the frame. The truck was then driven slowly forward and backward many times until the anvil was cooled in the water. The anvil was heated again and this process was repeated 2 or 3 times to get the proper temper on it if I remember correctly.

The way this process was done only allowed the face of the anvil to receive the real heat treatment.
The end of the video showed the fantastic ring and bounce of the completely done over anvil (it was really great to see)!

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