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Trailer Decking Question

J W Bennett

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They make a trailer screw designed exactly for that job. They are 1/4" fine thread with a self-tapping tip and a large, Torx-type, countersunk head (can't recall what size bit). You drill a 3/16 pilot hole thru both 2x4 and frame then drive the screw in - I use a low rpm Milwaukee Hole Hawg. Go to a trailer manufacturer and tell them what you are doing. These screws won't get loose with time like bolts will and are easy to break off if you ever have to replace the wood (although it's best to use pressure treated).

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Thanks for the replies. The site was down so I went to the local fastenal and they hooked me up with the screws you guys wrote about. Treated decking is done. I have a few more tie downs to weld on and I will have it the way I want it for now.
Once again thanks for the info.


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