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side or top burner?

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I'm going to build a small fire brick propane forge and I'm debating whether to put the burner on top or on the side. I was going to put it on top (because that's how most of the forges I have seen are built) but I heard some arguments that might not be the best idea...any suggestions? I'm either going to use a venturi or a z burner from Zoeller.

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Top vs side? For your first forge, pick one and run with it. You will be rebuilding the forge at some point anyways. I do recommend staying with a single burner of a smallish volume though, design the floor as a single common firebrick with 2 inches of ceramic wool around the top and sides, 1 inch under the brick opening in the back, maybe up one side for wide items...

Once you get one working properly, building another is easy.


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Top seems to be less safe as convection after you shut the forge down can heat the parts a LOT.

Also top burners have the possibility to recycle exhaust fumes as hot gasses travel up after leaving the opening---recycling exhaust increases CO production a lot.

Most of the forges I have seen have had the burners on the side.

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