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You might be a machinist if


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You might be a machinist if it takes you longer than a smith takes to put a square tapered hole in a bar

You might be a machinist if you use a hacksaw to put a slit in to make a Celtic / Fredrickson cross, fork end, or animal head etc when it would be more appropriate / economical / and quicker to slit it with a hot chisel/cutter

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if an RCH is a "loose" tolerance your a machinist.
if an RCH is a hammer tap away your a blacksmith
if you don't know what an RCH is your an engineer

I guess I'm an engineer so please tell me what RCH is:D, The silly part is that I'm in school right now to become an industrial tech engineer.
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I picked up a trashed micrometer at the fleamarket for $1 once just so I could use it as a welding clamp when machinist friends drop by---they gibber so nicely...

That's just mean.

It's a pleasure to know you. Father was a metal spinner and machinist, I would've loved to see the look on his face.

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