heat coloring (was Temper colors) on Copper

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Open flame is fine and all and you can get very beatiful colors, but I have a couple questions: I know that when people temper knives they often use a kitchen oven, there the metal turns different colors as the rest rises, yet, because of the controlled heat, it is a consistent color throughout the peice, would I be safe to assume this is the same for copper? What are all the colors copper can turn to because of heat? 

I am trying to make a chart for copper coloring via controlled heat and time, just like those made for tempering steel so any info would be awsome!

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Great thread! I'e been torching copper, brass, bronze, and different types of steel including stainless for a long time. I've found the best product to finish your piece with is Sculpt Nouveau Color Loc. It is specifically designed to enhance the colors made through torching and actually makes the piece more vibrant. Use this as a base coat on bare metal. Works fantastic.

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