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whats this anvil designed for?

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Yup I have one like that too. Mine is a Fisher in mint condition, Large, Quiet, two hardy holes and it's my main shop anvil!

One trick I use for making tooling for the 1.5" hardy holes on mine is to find old top tooling and forge the handle eyes to fit the hardy holes making bottom tooling from them. if I ever want to reverse the process I can just drift out the eyes to fit a hammer handle again---ain't smithing grand!

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Ironsmith: Well I was using my open source method of anvil finding: I talked with everyone I met about smithing and wanting an anvil.

So one day I was going through the local fleamarket and a fellow howdy'd me. He was selling greasy car parts I wouldn't have fished out of a dumpster for free; but....So I talked with him and mentioned I was looking for a big anvil and he said his Uncle had one and wanted to sell it!

That evening I went over to his Uncle's place, about 5 miles from my place in the same city! He had a 515# mint Fisher anvil with the cut out for a Blacker powerhammer. I asked him how much he wanted for it. He said that a previous neighbor had offered him $350 for it and he hadn't taken it then. I asked if he would take the same for it now. He said yes! Then we used a engine hoist to pick it up and run it down hill to my truck and lift it in.

I've bought a lot more anvils inside big city limits than out in the country! Though I've been given more anvils living out here in the country now...

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HEHE< That is an interesting story!
Thanks for posting it,
the only story i got about tracking down anvils is where ever i work i ask if anyone has an anvil. I ran across a temp employee who had a 110 lbs Arm and Hammer anvil in great shape for 50 bucks. it's now my favorite anvil. (couldn't give him the money fast enough LOL)

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