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ufsh. (unidentified flying steam hammer)

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Hey Woody if you go with the handle on the hammer that is there now I would suggest that you make the modification that is shown in the photos. It stops the hammer from breaking your hand if you bring the head up too fast and it hits the trigger. Believe me it will break your hand every time. All that we have done is to put a spring loaded joint in the shaft of the handle. When the head comes up the spring takes all the shock and does'nt pull the handle out of your hand.





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Sounds like your having fun. I'm thinking that if you run this by steam or air you will have to make sure that either one is saturated with oil for lub on the inside. This is simular to a steam locomotive setup. You don't have to wring it out of the air or steam but it needs to be there.

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trying to work out the best finish to go for..... should i just oil up the rusty surfaces, or go the whole hog and completely repaint and polish???
i am not sure the best paint to use, if i do end up running it on steam......

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i spent 5 hours with a needle gun/scrabbler and cup brush on an angle grinder today, cleaning the worst of the rust and other caked on crud.
it has been too long since i got out to give it a bit of tlc, with all this blasted rain!

very happy with my progress. someone had tried to weld the anvil to the base to stop it moving, but the dissimilar metals would not be thwarted so easily! anvil dovetail is wrought firewelded to the steel anvil, and the cast base would not hold the weld material.
they should have just replaced the terrible wedge that was in place!

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