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I Forge Iron

Another Hello from north Texas

Andy Ternay

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Very much a beginner here... got started with bronze casting by attending the Bronze Age Sword workshops put on in England by Neil Burridge:

I suppose the first anvil I used was to cold forge an edge onto my bronze sword... anyway I was hooked by both bronze and iron. I took a very basic blacksmithing course from a gentleman named Fred Christin who did the blacksmithing at Dallas Heritage Village.

I recently acquired a SISCO anvil, 126lbs and a Canedy-Otto forge and blower (both of which need some restoration) and am signed up for basic blacksmithing classes at Brookhaven community college here in Dallas.

Yes, I do want to make a sword but I know that I'm probably three or four years away from making a simple knife.

What I need now is a place where I can set up shop and practice and that might be hard for me to achieve in my current rental location.

Good to be here!


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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! Fred is a great guy, got to work with him some back when I volunteered and the "OLD City PARK" now known as the Dallas Heritage Village. Kris Kring will be you instructor at the CC if my memory serves me right and he too is a good smith, you will enjoy his class I'm sure. If you ever venture east give me a holler, I'm just outside of Longview and my shop is always open.

BTW, I too have a SISCO anvil, 127# and has amazing rebound! It serves as my #2 anvil, just behind the 185# Hay Budden. You have a great anvil.

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