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What is this?

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I found this in an old wall with a fire place poker. My guess is it was used for holding a wooded match to light a fire. Not sure though. Any other Ideas?

It is 36" long brass, about a 3/16" in diameter. One end has a cast aluminum football shaped handle that spins, the other has a hole that you can stick a wooden match in.




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Thanks for all the replys! The hole does not extend through the rod. The rod is brass. The handel on the end is dark like lead but it is very light in weight so I assumed it was aluminum. I'm going to check on the internal threads. The rod does have some residual black material on it. I had assumed it was soot from matches or a fire. Could be gun powder residue? Jamie

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Back in '66 I would go down to Viking Arms in downtown Oklahoma City and they would get in crates and crates of surplus military rifles. I bought a German k98 Mauser, 8mmX57mm, from them for $25 and it came with a cleaning rod just like that. The Mauser is long gone but I still have the cleaning rod. You might see if a regular bore brush will fit into the threads on the end, it seems to me that it will or will be close enough. And, yes, that handle is aluminum.

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I don't have any way to do thread sizing. I would take it to a big box store and see if it works on the displays. I have seen the displays by the nuts and bolts sales. They have different standard and metric bolts and holes in the display. You can try the one you have to id the size.

I have seen something like that with some friends. I will have to ask around and see if I can get more info.


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whatever the internal size of the end of the rod is, take a piece of scrap wood and split it so it just starts in the end. Then try screwing it into the threads. you can also do this with soft materials ( like a small birthday candle or other similar item). this may give you the OD of the male threads. I have screw plates with various SAE threads on them but not metric. There will be different pitches on metric threads too. You might try a hardware store with various stove bolt selections in the small yellow plastic trays on a display. i have thread pitch guages for SAE but not metric. A quality supply house would have a pitch guage for external threads (or an auto parts store perhaps).

a 20 year box in an electricians tool area may have a good selection of small machine screws with various sizes in it (some with tapered ends).

OR you might just re-drill it and re-tap it for SAE threads if you really wish to use it. :)

you may need a bottom tap for this though

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