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Bottle openers from railway spikes

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These have been really popular as gifts. I can't keep up with demand! ^_^

Firstly, here's the "How-to"

Here's photos of the process...
The original spike:

Putting in the "step"

Punching the slot

Round off the slot

Put the "tab" in

Lastly, I recommend making them in batches of six... for.. er... "testing" purposes. :rolleyes:
Once I know they work, I clean them up and give them a coat of something. Enjoy!

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I've done two styles of spike bottle openers -- several like Moose Forge described, and one like this: http://images1.vat19.com/covers/large/railroad-spike-bottle-opener.jpg The one point I'd make is that if you make the lip or tab that catches the underside of the cap too long, it'll grab the glass and snap the neck right off the bottle. It takes surprisingly little effort.

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