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Beginners first anvil

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As the title states I'm a complete greenhorn beginner. There seems to be a lot of demand for anvils and although I would have liked something around half this size I ended up jumping on a 290 lb Hay Budden.
The face has some dings but there is still a lot of real estate left to work with. I paid 500 bucks for it which seemed fair. I have included a few pics if anyone could give me any information about it I would appreciate it. Thanks.






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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! That anvil is WAAAAYYYY too big for someone just starting out, you may get hurt. I will trade you, I have a 107# William Foster 1848 with a side clip that would serve you much better....or you could take the 98# Trenton (I believe). This way if it falls on your tender foot it won't hurt near as bad. :rolleyes:

Seriously now. Where are you located? We can help hook you up with a blacksmith group in your area if we knew where you are. Just update you profile and it will be there whenever you post a thread. Once again, welcome and enjoy your stay.

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Thanks everyone. 100th birthday this year, nice! I'm from Minnesota. I have joined the Guild of Metalsmiths in St. Paul and am currently taking their beginner class. They offer quite a bit of instruction throughout the year, the only problem is distance, It's about 125 miles from my home.

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