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I Forge Iron

Plain and Ornamental Forging

Frank Turley

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Plain and Ornamental Forging
Ernst Schwarzkopf
ISBN 1879335956
296 pp

I was in Acres of Books, Long Beach, in 1965 and I found Schwarzkopf's book. What a treasure! As I understand it, Schwarzkopf came to the U.S. from Germany before the turn of the 20th century, and found a job teaching blacksmithing at the high school in the Bedford Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn. In the early 1900's, he wrote his how-to book...in English. This book has good line drawings and a few photographs. It was the first book I saw that showed slit/drifting. It showed leaf and floral work, including forging a rose from one piece (very "Germanic"). I did two of them that way, but now I use sheet metal petals. Bol This book was more complete than some of the other 20th Century books, like Googerty's, for example. In addition to Schwarzkopf, I acquired the Rural Development (originally COSIRA) books from London. Schwarzkopf was facsimile reprinted and released by Astragal Press in 2000. I heartily recommend it to not only beginners but to experienced smiths.

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What a find!

Thanks go to Frank Turley for mentioning it and jaimiechimie for finding it!

Been going through it and found a nice tip: placing a bit of green coal inside a larger hole one is punching to avoid the punch getting stuck! Sounds real nice!

-- edit --

And another tidbit:

Bending should be done at a red heat, before the metal starts to scale, so as to keep a smooth surface! Makes a lot of sense, unless you explicitly want the texture of scaled off metal (which I generally like).

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