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Julius Blum will sell it to you at a ridicules price and treat you like the stuff on bottom of my shoe.

I don't understand that company. I know one of the main sales persons and have met the owner. I have asked them to their face what the deal is I never got much of a response. They don't want to know you unless you buy thousands at a time. I avoid them whenever I can. If they were like a normal company who would except credit cards over the phone and ship via ups I would use them a lot. They do business like its 1955 and they are the only game in town.
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Thanks all, I've had the Blum catalog downloaded and bookmarked forever right in front of me and there it was.....JG braun has allot of the same stuff and are decent folks to deal with...I remember when Mcmaster Carr was pretty snooty, Wanted a Dunn an Bradstreet listing allong with a fat minimum, not long ago I ordered a $2.34 check valve and it was here in 2 days..little orders add up.

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