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I had a fellow stop by my table at the last gun show who liked a couple of knives I had for sale, but wanted something between the two. I wrote down the details of what he wanted and his contact information and told him I'd get started on it Monday. A couple of weeks later, he picked it up, quite pleased with the outcome.

Approximately 4" blade forged from 3/4" round 5160 bar, triple normalized, filed primary bevel, triple quenched, triple tempered, hemp cord main wrap, cotton cord two strand Turk's head knot, amber shellac sealer, shaving sharp.



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I lay one end of the cord along the bottom of the handle, starting at the front and going to the back, then wrap around and around until I cover the length of the handle. I tie a granny knot up front, then the Turk's head partially on top of the wrap and partly on the steel ahead of it. Then everything gets sealed in with shellac, making a composite material in situ.

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