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2-3 questions about scrap

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Hello all.
I have been going around looking/securing places to get scrap. 3 so far.
Some questions.
1) I have some shock's off a jeep. Is the rod worth saving? The oil for a Quenching agent? ( Sorry! I HAVE NOT DONE A EXTENSIVE SEARCH ON QUENCHING OIL YET.......But I will!)
2) I have a hot water tank that I am hoping to make into a foundry. Is this metal good for Blacksmithing also?
3) Does a motorcycle have any scraping potentional for blacksmithing?
I do not know what tempering in water,oil,sand etc is,about, how-to, when-to or anything.

So number 1 above is not asked by someone who is lazy, looking for the easy way out, or anything else that some of the more professional Blacksmith's with the good look's, big house, pretty wife's, cute girlfriends, both, good teeth, fat bank account's know, have or will not diminish themselves with such a trivial question.
Just, do I keep these because I am a FNG trying to learn?

Later, erietuna

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If the hot water tank is galvanized then it's best place is a slack tub. If it is stainless and you have a way to cut it then it will have many uses.
If the motorcycle was chain driven then the chain may be forge welded into a billet. Coil springs from the bike can be used for many items such as tools which a new guy and an old guy can never have enough of.
There are probably a lot of easier ways to obtain oil but recycling is recycling.

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Those connecting rods in the block of the motorcycle are very good forged steel usually , likely better than car connecting rods . Piston rings are high carbon steel . The crank is most likely forged steel . The frame could be used to build stuff , be it steel or aluminum . Hope that helps !

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I'd beware of Piston Rings.

They're often made from various Inconel, Monel, or Stellite Alloys.

The "oil" in the shocks, and forks, is very likely a synthetic blend, rather than a petroleum product.

A motorcycle frame is most likely 4130 or 4140 "moly" steel.

Unless it's that aforementioned Harley, ... in which case, it's just Pig Iron. :P


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Rich, Rich, Rich, don't you have *any* environmental conscience? The way the old Harley's leak oil, dumping them in the water would be like another Exxon Valdez!

Now for another viewpoint: when we start we often try to save *everything* and so get a unsightly scrap pile that we can find *nothing* in. There really is a purpose in selling scrap off to leave just the stuff you can use in a reasonable amount of time. In general the more "worked" the metal is the less likely it is to have a future use---unless you do a lot of something that needs those "shapes". I *store* a lot of metal at the scrapyard until I need it and try to only bring home stuff I know I'll need in the next year or two.

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Picked up a Transmission today. The wife is looking at me funny. Now I have to figure how to take it apart? Of course I will be asking what to save when that is accomplished! Am going to a open forge at WRABA tomorrow 11-15-11. Can't wait. Get to see what I am getting myself into finally. Thank you all for the input.....and yes I am going to take apart one of the shock's........just because. Oh and yes I started to read up on Quenching agent's.......yep well past 3 million question's now. Oh well gotta go back to work and pay my due's Later, erietuna

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