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induction welding.

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hi im not sure if this has been covered before, and if it has, a grunt and point in the right direction is all i need!
i served my apprenticeship using mostly induction heating, and furnace work, and i tried ( when the boss wasnt looking) many times, to weld bars heated to welding temp in the induction heater, with ne'er a weld.
im assuming that the exposure to oxygen was the cause, so my question is this:

has anyone tried running argon or other inert gas into an induction coil for welding purposes? i am guessing a more enclosed coil casing would be in order, but just an idea.....

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I have not done it with induction but I have repeatedly "forge welded" pieces with an O/A torch and I believe the secret is flux. You might try to bring the parts to a dull red, flux and bring to welding heat. I also found that fluxes designed for gas forges seem to work better than straight boraz or EZ Weld when using a torch.

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