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Happy Birthday Marines!!!!

Steve McCarthy

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Happy Birthday! GOD BLESS each of you that served, in whatever Branch, and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

This was written by my wife, Susie, less than 30mins ago, in honor of our vets.

In Honor of Our VETS

"Had an uncle I never knew that was lost in World War II.
Another uncle whom I loved that served the whole War through.
Cousins and friends that fought in bloody Viet Nam.
There are others who lost their lives and were forever damned.
A nephew that worked here at home for the Red, White & Blue.
... A brother-in-law was a proud Marine.
Another nephew flew Air Force 2.
My daddy enlisted and my father-in-law served in the South Pacific.
My mother was a Daughter of the American Revolution,
So there must be other relatives who served, but I cannot be more specific.
For Freedom and family they fought, asking for guidance and direction.
And there are those right now who serve - we ask for their protection.
Today & everyday may our thoughts and prayers be with them,
As we always ask our Father up above to grant them His provision." SD

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Since I live in a cave, I don't get out much. Browsing around the site I have now found this thread. John Adams should be credited as the father of the US Navy. From a former White Hat, Semper Fi to the boys with the Starched Covers. I was trained by you guys, served under you guys and drank a ton of beer with you guys.

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