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Garage sale find: 300 lbs new horseshoes

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Went to a local garage sale on Saturday and came away with 8 boxes or about 300 lbs of new horseshoes. They are NOS, probably 25 or more years old. Some have some rust, but most do not. And cheap enough, less than local scrap price for steel.

Now, what to do with a few hundred horseshoes. I have build lamps and table legs in the past with my blue glue gun. Certainly easier that starting with used shoes and having to spend time cleaning the organic matter from them.

I am open to new ideas......

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sell them as good luck charms.

you place several over your forge with ends down, this allows you the smithy to fill them with luck. A buyer must then install them at a slight "off level" with points up. The "off level' is to allow a little luck to seep out through out the year for the owner.

this of course has to mean you do demos and shows

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Most shoes that old are of a shape a lot of people dont like to use today and by that I mean they need to be reshaped more than current stamped shoes that are closer to the hoof design. Couldnt hurt to try and sell them though just not something I would look for as a farrier.

But this is a general idea and I am only guessing at the shape not knowing what brand they are.

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Have a friend that was at a small 'festival' here in E. Texas and in 2 days cleared over $2000.00 selling horse shoes with peoples initials and the year stamped on the shoe. Don't think I would want to sit and stamp horse shoes all day but that's pretty good $$ for 2 days work.

TP, I've seen excerpts from that book but haven't been able to get the entire book! I really liked what I did see, seems it would be a good book to have.

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