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Skilsaw 10" Tablesaw? possibilities?

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While visiting the solid waste disposal unit in my city today a fellow I never saw before noticed the Ron Paul sticker on my bumper and enquired on Mr. Paul's placement in the polls... I gave general and specific comments including my affirmed belief that every citizen should learn to reduse, recycle, and reuse~ He asked my occupation which gave way to further explanation of interests and asked if I would be interested in the afore mentioned saw... In un-working condition it found it's way into my truck bed then to my burgeoning laboratory....
If'n you could make it run... What would it turn into? 120volts AC, 4800 rpm... Taiwanese origin

Ideas, suggestions, general help? I am not a mechanic yet... 'Come back y'all! ~Thanks

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Need some pictures...

Jumper past the switch and see if it is the control first. Cheap fix.

Is it direct drive? If it is, and the motor is shot, and you are not able to repair the motor the replacement motor will cost more than a new saw. If the motor acts shot, you may be able to clean up and resolder, the contacts , turn the commutator and get it working again for labor, but it might be scrap. Lots of copper, hardened steel shaft, soft iron plates...maybe big magnets.

There are good lead screws in the angle and lift adjustments, but I don't have any idea of a ready use. The top is probably steel, aluminum, or zinc, and may make a good hot table or tool table if you don't recycle it.


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Thanks you guys. The motor appears of similar dimensions to a small bench/palm router... It is contained within a plactic houseing (square shell) and with the metalic table top. Not sure of the table materials, zinc,aluminum?. Not free standing. It needs heavy cleaning, very dusted over. The previous owner said the on/off switch was stuck. ~Didn't plug it in due to the grim. I'll try it tomorrow and may post a few pics. Baled Xmas trees today, 10 hours, exausted. ~Later

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Model 3400 Type 2 13A... Motor turns, no switch problems, blade has no power, won't cut at all. Like the blade is just hand spun. ~Break down and clean up. I'll learn a few things if nothing else. Any thoughts as to the diagnosis? ~Thanks again.

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