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AP Green Green Patch for repair

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I have used Greenpatch 421 to mortar the lightweight refractory bricks, they get glowing hot , the mortar does not . It does not seem to cement the bricks well either but that might be because the soft bricks are difficult to stick to. When you first open a bucket of G.P.421 you will notice some liquid on top, do not pour it off this must be stirred back into the mix, Ideally with a large electric drill motor paddle stirrer. I would not cast a whole forge floor from this stuff as it is more of a heat sink , than a reflective refractory. One good point, borax flux seems unable to affect G.P. , but will melt the firebrick.

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I've coated the ceramic wool in two forges with it. Great stuff!! I diluted it to a thick milkshake consistency and smeared with a rubber gloved hand. USE GLOVES!! At best, it will dry out your skin. At worst, it is a skin irritant! I also cast a 3/4" thick floor. I didn't let it dry long enough and large blister formed on the first firing but I just broke it. No further issues with it. In my experience, borax does seem to be a bit caustic but I've only welded one time in it and it may just be bonded to the floor. All in all, I think its great stuff!!

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