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Repairing Gas Forge

Steven Bronstein

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I have a gas forge I made from Kastolie 30 which is an insulating castable mortar. It has gotten cracked and chunks have fallen out. I would like to repair this instead of recasting. I see there are ITC products for repairing but it seems like it is more for resurfacing the interior of a forge and not for building up lost material i.e. 2" X 2" X 2" space. Does anyone have any experience with this.


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I am new also and built my own forge from a freon tank. On my first use a long bar heating up slipped and hit the top breaking the ITC100 surface. I just mixed up more and filled it in. It worked. It is not cheap though. I got a bought a 1/2 gallon figuring I can make another when I'm ready so I had it available. Hope that helps.


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Even when taking care I seem to inflict damage to the refractory cement coating I use to seal and protect the ceramic wool. For periodic maintenance and repairing cracks or voids I use an inexpensive refractory cement like Meeco Mfg. Co., Inc. 611 Gallon Refractory Cement (3000 degrees) or Rutland 211 Dry Mix Refractory Cement 10 Pound (2500 degrees) and then coat the surface with ITC100. This has been the best and least expensive solution I've tried and works well. The ITC100 protects the cement from excessive heat and reflects the heat back into the interior of the forge - heats faster and hotter,

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