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I spent this past weekend at Fortress Louisbourg attending the "Hammered at the Fortress" hammer-in. We had a good showing with about 30 smiths from around the region, and hundreds of public visitors to the Fortress who stopped by for a look-see. I only had time for a few shots just after setting up for the Saturday start.

It was a great event with great weather. Lots of visitors with lots of questions and a good time was had by all.

This is the courtyard housing the hammer-in. In the surrounding buildings there are three blacksmith shops(all working), a bakery(also working) and the carpenter's and boat builder's shops. Just a few of the participants had set up when I took this shot.

I REALLY like this anvil stand.

We had a herd of sheep stay around for most of the weekend:

This guy specializes in fabricating real wrought iron railing and decorative pieces. He also made horseshoe nail rings for all the attendees.

This is the "main" blacksmith shop. These days it is still a working forge and is used every day of the Summer/Fall season for demo's. You can see the huge bellows in the background.

A little better shot of the bellows:

This anvil was purchased in France twenty years ago to compliment the forge's inventory of period pieces.

This grinding wheel is also still used.

This is my set up. I borrowed this anvil from the fortress. It is a replica of the original, 300 years old, armour's anvil which is in the main blacksmith shop......

These are the two pieces I was able to pound out during the weekend.

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Nice job on the blades ! Looks like a good time was had by all. The fortress looks like a great working museum. I hope to get back up that way next spring / summer. My wife and I did several motorcycle vacations up to and around Cape Breton.


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Thanks Dick.

The Fortress is an extraordinary place. Its the largest historic reconstruction project in N. America with only about 1/4 of the original fort and town completed. Although work continues to this day.

Dick - Next year come up for the "Thunder in the Highlands" weekend. On the concluding Sunday the riders all ride en mas to "Storm the Fortress". This year, 9354 motorcycles rode the 1/2 hr from Sydney to the fortress to spend the evening. Its an amazing sight to see all those bikes ride through our little town(I live in Louisbourg) of just 7000 residents.

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