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paired butterfly swords


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These were an interesting project. I was approached by a customer who wanted to make a butterfly sword on one of my sword classes , and for me to make a matching partner so he had paired swords for practicing his Chinese martial arts. quite a challenging prospect on his part and trixy on mine making a matching piece to someone else's original...

here is tim contemplating Bashing his not too diminutive blade, 6.5mm at the tang going to 1.2 at the tip lots of bashing...

and grinding on the 5 hp grinder...

a bit more polish

my class including the eminent and glamourous assistant

5 of the class swords prior to peining and final clean up...
Tim left his knife with me and I made up a matching twin , the knives (or swords) are fast and well balanced , they are blunt which is a shame as I would have liked to cut with one ...however they are for martial arts practice and the last thing you want whirling around your head is sharp steel.... thanks Tim for your custom and hard work!!



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