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Chisa Katana still a WIP

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This is something I am currently finishing up for book IV..a Chisa Katana in laminate Kobuse construction using 1060/L-6 around a mild steel core (1018 I do believe)

Nagasa is 25" with Naginata-Hi and Bo-Hi on each side, scraped in by hand...sounds like a lot of work but it goes pretty quick once you get use to doing it.

Uno Kobe Shobe Zukuri blade style (my personal favourite cause it cuts so smooth for my cutting techniques..my students all say I cut like a peasant swinging a hammer...I just nod and agree cause I know I do......)

Tsuka is in Tiger Ray skin that I got from a friend in out in Guam. These skins are HUGE... On the Omote side I have three large nodes on the skin that after about 6 hours' or so worth of tweaking and a LOT of T&E I fially got to show in the diamonds in the center of the tsuka. That was a real tense time figuring that positioning out for certain...

I left the Tiger Ray natural..un-bleached to show the colour variations in the samegawa. I think the effect came through pretty well overall...

Tsukaito is wrapped in my "Modified Battle Wrap" style in black and gold silk chevron ito..(I just love that pattern..very attractive) Tsuka length is a little long (cause I like it that way for my cutting swords) at 14" mounted in a Eagle and Pine Tree theme kashirae with gold and silver leaf accents.

Still have a good deal of polishing to do on this one to bring out the Hamon and that will be the next step. It is already showing pretty well and I already have a very frosty hamon line that will, hopefully, really start to come out once I get "into" the polish a bit more....steel is about 2500 "layers" worth there abouts...

Siya is finished in red gold leaf under black cracked lac..I am finally figuring this part out so I can pretty much control the size and amount of cracked I get....figures now that I am about done with all this Japanese stuff for book IV

OAL: 40 1/2"ish.....A nice stout little slicer that should cut pretty well (I hope)...

Anyway I hope the pics turn out at least half way OK..






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