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Furnace burner

Steven Fabrizio

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Furnace burner
Today I was able to get a FREE chunk of railroad rail! Saw some railroad workers working on the tracks and asked if they had any drop or where I could get scraps. He took me over to the truck and pulled out a 15” section and gave it to me!!! Thank You!!!
This was just outside of my neighbor’s glass studio. So I stopped in to say Hi. My neighbor gave me a Furnace burner and said if I could use it he had 6 more.
I know it is setup for natural gas but???????? Could it be used as a forced air ribbon burner?

I have not build a burner yet so this is something that I may play with late after I get some experience with more traditional burners.

Does anyone have any other ideas about the burner?







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A lot of the large industrial forges use natural gas, no problem with it if you have it available.

(I have a Johnson Heat Treat furnace/forge I picked up at a school sale and then moved to where we don't have natural gas. I could replumb it for propane; but haven't really needed it...)

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