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Hi everyone, I havent posted here in a long time, or much at all but when I was starting out and gathering Info this site helped me alot so I was one of those I wanna make a sword first try type, and where I can say I did manage to make something of a short sword it's nothing I'm proud of and only keep it around to remeber how far I've came. One of many things I did learn from that attempt was that controling the heat, and being able to properly HT a large blade has huge problems that come along with it,

3 Years since I started and I've made a couple swords, several shorter swords, some little knives and have a huge pile of failed blades... and with every new blade I see huge improvements, but one thing I was still keeping me away from the longer blades was all the issues with the HeatTreating. So I built this thing...


I just finnished the heat treatment of a 26 blade Jian and the thing worked great, and I could go as large as 40 inch

Not sure what else anyone else here is using but I'd like to see what some of the more experianced people are doing

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Tom Maringer had a custom built vertical electric heat treat furnace with computerized ramping controls and inert atmosphere.

Of course he liked the high alloy steels that require a fussy heat treat.

I've seen on the net some pretty fancy stuff that would be nice to have, I would have liked one of those salt pots, but something about having a big tube of Lava just sit right with me... and I'm not ready for anything high alloy yet, my 1075 has been good to me!
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