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I Forge Iron

Hello from Slovakia

Marek Mrva

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Hello everyone! I have been lurking this forum for quite a while and finally decided to share whit you my little forging experience. I am still a in my smithing beggining, being forging for about two years and not full time. I work as self employed help force in metalwork shop, that is how i got to working with metal, and meanwhile i have done few small blacsmithing jobs. I would love to be a full time blacsmith but currenty things are not looking very good for me due to very slow bussiness in metalworks right now. I have no blacksmithing education and learned most from books, internet and my own projects . I write here mainly in hope for some encouragement in struggle to build a prosperous blacksmithing bussiness.
Anyway here are pictures of my work. Hope you enjoy it.
Thank you.
Marek Mrva














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hi marek - i really liked looking at your work - i particularly like your george and the dragon - i LOVE the horse he is on!!! - he really appeals to me! did you make this for a special reason or do you just like the stories? also i like how on your sun picture you have shown where the frame is joined - its a good idea and i think it works really well. thanks for th ephotos! :)

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