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organic matter deposited in my coal

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ok so i have a free day coming up on Monday and the weather is nice enough i can work out side so i went to my coal pile to bring some down to the shop only to find the cows had gotten into it during a power outage and they left me with a good bit of organic deposits and a good bit of urine in the coal having done a test fire with it it smells god offal for a while and then settles down
anyone know of a good way to clean up half a tone of coal or is this just now what i would call hold your nose and turn the handle forging
anyway never underestimate the destructive power of stupidity

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yeah that sounds like a plan to bad it is under cover i guess its time to move the coal
though the washing machine idea has a bit of an appeal to it just imagine the spin cycle
i took 2 bushel baskets full and hosed them off so we will see how that goes

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well at least it still makes fire
all i have to say is if my work ends up having a yellow patina i am going to be pissed :P

Pun is excused, you just about caused me to ruin a keyboard! I have had a similar experience with my coal but it wasnt the cows, it was cats. The only thing I can advise is to move your forge outside and try to have the forge down wind, at least thats what I did.
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