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Making a ladder pattern bar

mick maxen

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The ladder pattern has been mentioned on here a few times recently, so as I was making a bar for someone I took a few photos.
The pattern welded billet of 15N20 and 20C has about 320 layers. The finished bar before laddering was 230 x 35 x 14mm thick.
There are various ways of putting the grooves in and I decided to use the mill as it is the new shop toy. All I have done in the past is to use a grinder. The photo below shows the bar with the grooves cut. The cutter was 9mm and the grooves are about 4mm deep. The spacing of the grooves from centre to centre is 12mm. The flats between the grooves are about 3mm wide


The photo below shows the sharp edges have been radiused. I decided to do this as I think it gives a better pattern.


Now the bar has been forged flat to about 6-7mm thick. The width is still 35mm and the length has increased to about 255mm. I have only cleaned and etched a small area to show the effect. The pattern on the edge of the bar is an undulating pattern of layers where they have been pushed back in.



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