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Does anyone use Paste wax such as Minwax Paste Finishing Wax or Johnson's Paste Wax or a combination of wax and other ingredients on hot metal? I tried the Minwax on a forged leaf as an experiment and it worked nicely. Just wondering if any of you have had any experience, good or bad, with it. BTW, this finished project will be an indoor item...

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I have used Johnson's Paste Wax for forty years on finished bronzes after patina while it is still hot and on much of my iron work while still warm. Good stuff and it lasts a long time. All you need to do is give it an occasional swipe with a dust cloth on indoor items, no need to reapply. I have seen it on some bronzes still in good shape forty years later.

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I prefer Howards Citrus-Shield Paste Wax for my interior sculpture. It contains carnuba and citrus oils and is TOLUENE FREE. I have used it for years and for me it seems to protect against rust better than Johnsons. I purchase it at home depot although it is also available online. It drys well ( no sticky or oily residue), and produces a medium sheen. Also smells good. They also make a liquid form but I dont like it because it does leave an oily residue on steel.


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I recently started using the citrus shield product. I was doing some work on a science school and the campus was "green" and they were serious about VOC (volatile organic compound) levels, Johnson's was a no-go.

Great stuff. Burning toluene is bad bad.

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