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Ribbon Burner - African version

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Have been wanting a ribbon burner for a while, unfortunately buying form the USA and exporting to Africa
is not an option. So I thought that I would try and build my own, after reading some of the posts, especially
the one where "prburner" talks about the Pine Ridge Burner, this is the burner I attempted to base my design

I currently only use venturi burners in relatively small blade forges, so as don't have a suitably large forge,
I also don't have a suitable blower. So this test was conducted using the air from a homemade commercial
extractor fan, used to get it lighted and keep it burning and air from a compressor to force some air to simulate
a bit of air pressure. The air gun on the compressor acts as air control, I ran the gas fixed at about 5psi, and
gas adjustment was via a needle valve.

Image below of burner, below that video of 1st burn (outside of chamber)


1. Burner block is isolated from plenum with fully welded baffle plate
2. SS metering tubes (thanks prburner)

Things that are possibly wrong:
1. Distance between gas mixer and burner too short (should be 9x pipe diameter?)
2. Reduction from 2" blower feed to 1" at burner too great (maybe 1 1/4"?)

One of my friend blacksmiths has taken burner to test in his large forge, he has a decent blower
to test with. He sent me a phone image of it burning, he says his forge has never got that hot
before, however is still does not burn correctly I think.
The flame burns off the block, not like it does in my video, or like the PR burners do, which i think
is the measure of success, if the burn looks anything like the PRB's then you are almost there.

He is also using 1 1/4" piping which reduces down to 1" at the mixer "t". He feels that the air
feed does not need to be 2", he might be right. Unfortunately I don't have images or video of it
burning in his forge. I am building a chamber and another burner, when complete I will post video
of it burning i correct chamber size, hopefully i will have found a suitable blower by then.

Thanks for looking.
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Here is the video of burner running in Tim's forge

Although it looks hot hell itself, it is still not burning the way it should I think.
It is burning at least 50mm off the block, it also looks like not all the tubes are burning.

In my original test, with low blower pressure, in open not in a chamber, it burned stable,
right at the block, neat, short (+- 30mm) flames, all pilot holes burnt and were the same.

If I increased the air pressure too much in relation to the gas, i could get the flame to burn
way off the block, also lose one or two pilot holes.

I think you have too much pressure in relation to the gas, turn your regulator pressure right up,
and use the needle valve to control volume of gas.

I wonder what some of the other gas burner experts think ?

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It comes down to all of the pertinent factors required to hit welding temps, i.e. a great burner in a poorly insulated forge won't get there; nor will a good burner and forge go anywhere without sufficient air and fuel. I may be overstating the obvious but I've noticed folks sometimes get overly focused on one area. I would not worry about a few holes not retaining flame - either in open air or inside the forge - because when the forge gets above auto ignition temps you are effectively just dumping the fuel-air mix into the container. At that point, insulation and available BTU's become more important. For example, if you increase the gas volume and it starts burning outside the forge, then that energy is being lost into atmosphere.

In your video, I have some concern that your burner and fuel input may have trouble overcoming the big openings in the forge. You might try stuffing them with kaowool and see how hot she gets then. You could well hit welding temps with less fuel pressure.

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I think you are there. You need a suitable blower, and set it up with air gate, waste gate and gas regulator. A little tweeking of the adjustments with it installed and I am sure it will do what you want.

That you introduce the gas prior to an elbow is good and will improve mixing. The longer distance you mentioned between introducing the gas to the air won't hurt either.


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Hi Jeff,
Sorry, I went off to visit the smiths from the N.W.B.A. and what a bunch of talented and all round nice guys they were too!
However I came back with all kinds of bril. ideas for "your" cylinder so 'no can do mate'.
As it were, it would seem that John(of single malt fame) from Gearhart is a star at these burners you should see the output he and Ken at Stumptown get out of their forges!
Regards Ian

p.s. I got a PM from Tim a bladesmith in Richards Bay, So I am going to set up a meet, are you game?

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