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Actually they are all tried and true methods!

Of course most folks dealing with fullers have a collection of different sized dowels to use as sanding blocks, some may even be made from nylon or with a layer of thin leather glued on a wooden dowel to provide harder or softer sanding surfaces.

Scrapers are a good idea too.

One quickly learns that cleanliness of forging is right up there with godliness and finish working of the fuller with clean up tooling---think of a flatter for fullers---can save hours if not days of hand work.

The bader with an appropriate sized contact wheel is a marvelous thing!

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this is one of the reasons to have a dremmel and edm stones and shaped wooden blocks , and thats after the bader small grinding wheel had done its stuff.
Getting an industriaL FORDHAM type tool has changed a lot of the ways I work.

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My Bader B3 was not cheap, but there is a reason we pay the price for these tools. Its hard enough making some of these things without having to fight our tools also.

Experience helps, so does having the proper tools. We either hand sand or avoid fullers until we can afford the tool, or find another way.

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