Forging a rose

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I commented to a photographer, Sean Stevens, who has just moved in at the complex where my shop is located, that the time that one of my roses is most beautiful is while I am nearing the end of making it, when the flames from the torch go down among the petals and are diffused, coming back up as a second flower of living flame. I said that usually I was the only one who got to see that beauty. He asked if he could shoot the process, and I agreed. I put his beautiful photographs into a slideshow:

And a few of the photos on their own, including my photos of the resulting bouquet of a half dozen steel roses:






















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That is very nice, they look really good and now my wife wants some...
I have got to be careful about what I let her see... :D

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Cool photos, cool roses !
How do you clean the scale off, inside and between the petals ?
Andf what finish do you use on them ?

Great job, also I like the simplicity of the hammered stem.
Hat's off to the photographer too !


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Looks awesome but I am curious to how the different peices of the rose are stuck together? Its hard to explain my question so if you dont understand what I mean I completely understand

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The top end of the stem is forged down to a tenon, the petal discs stacked on them, and it looks like in the second picture would indicate that the tenon was oxy welded to the top petal disc, or you could just rivet the tenon over to trap the discs before manipulating them into position.

Great sequence of pics

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Woops, saw I had questions a while back.

Naz - The scale is very thin and comes off easily. I just tap the rose against my bench while holding it upside down and it shakes all the loose scale out and dislodges that which is only barely hanging on. I spray them down thoroughly from different angles with Deft clearcoat to get down into the petals. Keeps it looking like steel without rusting.

John B - I thoroughly weld the bottom two layers of petal disks and the top layer, but each layer in between is tacked as well. I do heat and pein the tennon to make a little rivet head after welding.

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