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Cast Iron Rivet Forge: Clay Lining?


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I have a cast iron rivet forge I picked up at a show a little while back, and I was thinking of getting it in firing shape. There's nothing written on it that says, "line with clay" like I saw on another post here. But was this something that is assumed with these things, or can I just put on a firebowl and tueyre and make a fire?

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If it does not have a thick, heavy, separate casting for the fire pot, clay it.

3 parts sand
1 part Portland (the active ingredient in Cement)
(optional) 1/2 part clay (such as yard subsoil or generic non-clumping kitty litter)

Mix dry, then add water while mixing. It should have just enough water to stick together, it should break instead of squishing when you pinch a packed handful.

Pack it in place forming a bowl around the tue, then take it level to the side.

if you shop for broken bags at the big box then you may be done for $2.


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