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I Forge Iron

Club day Sat, 20th Aug. 2011

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Great day for it,
two new visitors having a play, hope to see you both again, Stewart showing off a tomahawk and another slit and drift with Jasson helping, Paul helping out with the legs for an anvil stand. BBQ, more plans for the september week and no rain, what else could you ask for?

Remember. 17 to 24 September out at the block.
If you want to, or can help with preparatory trips helping move and make forges, coke, camping gear and materials and or whatever else out for the week, let us know.

Club members/friends, and blacksmiths camping forging week.
BYO all you can, camper van and caravans ok, or tent city.( we'll be in a tent ). Only 35 mins from the local town. If you Need a lift let us know and we'll see what we can organise. Greyhound do busses and we can pick you up from town if you chuck some fuel in.
Email. Mike or Matt, abaqld@blacksmiths-australia.com Or +61 434 993 726.

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Yeah... Of course .... Thankyou, .., google chrome and some other browser users get that, till you learn your browser triggers and glitches.....
We have had to teach a Couple of néw members how to use their own browser, that said similar

2 sleeps. Yahoo! ( not the browser )..... Lol


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