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So it finally happened.

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OK, so as many of you know my brother in law and I have been looking for a good anvil for a while now. The other day I happened to see that Stewart had posted an ebay listing for a haybudden in Alabama. The listing had already ended and with it, I thought, my luck.

Turns out I was wrong, I sent the gentleman an email asking if he still had the anvil. He did, and not only did he still have it, they had found a 2nd one in his mom and dad's basement. The first anvil is a 130 lb Hay Budden, in decent shape. The 2nd anvil is a 153 lb Peter Wright with a good face and a slightly swayed horn. Upon departing to meet the man, I called him to let him know to be expecting me, and he informed me that he had now found a 5" post vise. The first picture is a little blurry as the camera was still a bit fogged from coming out of the A/C into the heat.







When everything was said and done, we picked up both anvils and the post vise for $375

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Great Deal! Need a place to hide out till the hue and cry dies down?

Hope you left your number in case anything else turns up...

I did actually, he said he didn't know if anything else would turn up but that there were a few tongs that he might find lying around during the cleanup process. So hopefully we'll be able to get something sorted. I've looked for ways to date these but I think the stampings are too far eroded to really get much.. I can't find a SN on the HB and the PW doesn't seem to have England on it anywhere *shrugs*. Doesn't matter in the long run, its just a tool, its just sort of neat to know.
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