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Anvil - Whats it worth?

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Add your location to your profile under your name. Anvils sell for different amounts in different locations. What does it weigh? Also, as said, if you can add more pix, it would help to ID it. It looks to me like it says Wrought, on the side, but I can't make out the rest. Good looking anvil, IMO. :)

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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! From the pics I would say that this is in real good shape for most PW's of this size. I also agree with the above price ranges, at least for my area. If'n I was BUYing it offer $150.00, most folks think that a $1.00 p/lb is still the norm, if selling it then what Bigfootnampa said!
I have an older brother that is in Halls, TN just a tad north of ya.

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Its better to pay to much and have a nice anvil than not offer enough and... well not go home with an anvil.. Especially if your having a hard time finding one (some places I know its harder to find a "good" anvil)

The right answer is buy it as cheap as you can... You will do real good if you can buy it at $100-$150 but you will have a nice anvil even if it cost you $350....

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