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I Forge Iron

baby bella heart surgery

ed soule

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That's sure a step in the right direction Ed! Prayers are still on the way. Modern medicine is far more successful than even just a couple years ago.

Give Bella and the Mrs. a big ole Frosty Hug for me will you? Can't hurt, might help.

Frosty the Lucky.

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Frosty the Lucky said: "Give Bella and the Mrs. a big ole Frosty Hug for me will you? Can't hurt, might help."
I say; How can we go wrong with prayers to our Father in heaven and a "big ole Frosty Hug"

Ed, I have no question that our Father in Heaven is aware of all involved. It is for sure He wants us to chose life.
I beleive when men and women who forge steel with their hands pray for you and yours "Baby Bella", they open heavenly doors with their hearts.
As I review every entry in this post, it encourages me to know that you are not alone.

I would hope it would go with out saying, Prayers continue!

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Hi everybody little update little bella is doing great meds are working well she will have to have surgery some time in the future to fix leaky valves but they hope to put it of as long as possable. I thank the LORD for bringging her thru all this and i thank each and every one of you all for praying for us. I know that is what has gave us all strength to get thru these last few months.once again I am humbled and blessed by GODS GRACE


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I would like to thank all the people that prayed over my granddauter bella over the last year as she went thru heart surgury and the long recovery.she is doing great and I got the blessing of getting to sharring the joy of CHRISTMAS with her nowing that she was a gift from GOD and and that gift was wrapped by many prayers from friends like you what more can a man ask for thanks ED

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