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Cost of new Vaughans Anvils in USA!!!!

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Holy Cow! I sent an email to Vaughans Hope Works asking if they had an USA distributor, to which they replied that Milwaukee Tool & Equipment was it. I contacted them and received a price list which has just crazy prices!

Current prices for those interested (please be seated):
84lb / $1,605
100lb / $1,729
140lb / $2,401
200lb / $3,151
280lb / $4,451
336lb / $5,226

Suffering from a heart attack,

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Yeah those are "list" prices... not what you could by one for... Milwaukee tool has a standard "list" price which is double what you pay.... ... I have dealt with this for years... there are quite a few tool company's that still have outlandish list prices...

Here is a price list for Vaughn on the other side of the water.... I think you could buy one for about 20% more here if you chose too.. If not buy one from Vaughn and pay shipping to get it here and it would still cost far far less than those prices....


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I don't know why their "list" prices are so high. I doubt if anybody ever pays list. I know I never do. They supply to government agencies such as the armed forces and almost any anvil in a UK school or college will be a Vaughans. I have used quite a few and have found them uniformly excellent as is all their product line. The amazing thing is the sheer range which they have in stock. I once counted the sizes, single or twin bick. Add on the farriers ( a couple of designs) and the saw makers' anvils and you get a huge range.

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The prices I listed are not the price listed if bought directly from Vaughans in England. They are the prices charged by their current US distributor that sells them under their house name of Milwaukee.

BTW, I was just window shopping as I have a 150lb cast steel london pattern anvil already. If I were to buy a new anvil I believe I'd buy a Nimba, Refflinghaus or Rat Hole with double horns.

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