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I was wondering how you go about making attractive looking sconces like the one here. I got sort of a rough idea i think. but I would love for someone to show me some proper how to photos or just a step by step sort of thing. Thanks in advance.

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i agree with ThomasPowers, to attach the wax catchers,i would either braze them on, or a similar thing to what i did this morning, clamp the spike in a vse and hammer the wax catcher down with a monkey tool, or log with a hole in it

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Place your sconce on the spike end (pricket) so it seats onto the taper about 1/2" from the tip

Heat the end of the taper, clamp in the vise, then quickly

Place the sconce onto the taper

Use a monkey tool with clearance in to seat it (much like Monty described)

Then use a smaller diameter monkey tool to crimp/rivet the sconce in place. just drive it down and it will rivet the pieces together.

post-816-0-41635600-1328525201_thumb.jpg post-816-0-17029800-1328525130_thumb.jpg post-816-0-19220100-1328525104_thumb.jpg

Or you could form a shouldered tenon on the end of the upright and rivet the sconce on

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